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MP Residency

Hotel MP Residency is a luxurious budget class hotel at a very affordable price and it is located at the centre of the town and very near to all kumbakonam temples and bazaar.In the name of the broken pot (ie) Kumbam (Tamil language) that place was called Kumbakonam. The city of Kumbakonam, is linked to several instances & puranas in the Hindu mythology. Mythological legend has it that there was a deluge after the Dwapara Yugam; a pot of nectar and the seeds of creation were placed in a pot (kudam) and set adrift in the deluge. The drifting pot settled at Kumbakonam giving its ancient name Kudamookku. Kumbakonam is also colloquially known as Kudanthai, Thirukudanthai and Baskarashetram from time immemorial.